Monday, December 23, 2019

Some Knowledge on Braking Stepper Motor With Physical Principle

The brake stepping motor is mainly suitable for the vertical movement of the driver. The brake is externally connected to 12~24 VDC. When the stepping motor power and the braking torque start, there is a fixed motor shaft effect, and the stepping motor can still be locked.

There are now 57, 56, 110 series two-phase or three-phase stepping motor brakes available. A brake that electromagnetically forms an air gap is suitable for all areas where heavy objects must be moved to limit deceleration or limitation in a short time and generate braking torque even when power is supplied. Was interrupted. The braking force is generated by a compression spring or permanent magnet, and the DC24V voltage must be connected to all the brakes to form an air gap.

The integrated brake is operated by plug connection under severe environmental conditions (IP54), and the defects of fast, connected, brakeless stepper motors are widely used in semiconductor devices, bookbinding machines, packaging machinery, textile machinery, CNC machine tools, and biological Analyze light detection instruments, various workstations, optical inspection equipment, laser focusing devices, cone conveyors, and vehicle inspection equipment. At the same time, the company provides control cards, stepper motor systems, linear motors, voice coil motors, various reducers, machine vision, ultra-high temperature, low temperature, vacuum, explosion-proof motors, CAN bus controllers and other industrial automation products, to undertake various automation Project development.

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