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Some Knowledge of Stepper Motor Driven Linear Actuators

Actuators are devices which facilitate motion, and are fitted in components or tools which require movement. Commonly, stepper motor actuators are of the linear type, and hence the name. A stepper motor actuator produces force and motion along a linear or straight path. They share most of the properties with stepper motors, although there are some differences. A stepper motor has a shaft, while a stepper actuator has a precision lead screw and precision nut which together facilitate linear motion. They also have a stator and a rotor just like stepper motors, which in fact have improved resistivity as they are laminated with robust metal coatings such as silicon steel. The driver or controller of the stepper motor controls the movements of stepper motor linear actuators, in terms of switching on or off, speed, and rotation. The controllers translate the signals and clock pulses they receive into phase currents for stepper actuators to interpret and act.

Stepper Motor Driven Linear Actuators

Applications of Stepper Motors:
Stepper motors are used in a wide range of industries from manufacturing and security to medical and electronics. Here are some application areas of stepper motors:

Automated machine tools
Automotive gauges
Surveillance equipment such as cameras
Zooming functions in digital cameras
Medical imagers and samplers
Blood analysis machines
Dental photography equipment
Fluid pumps
Hospital beds
Stretchers and incubators

If you require actuators and stepper motors for your application, ensure you source them from a reliable manufacturer and supplier. Venture Manufacturing Co. makes superior quality and technically perfect linear actuators and more. On certain types of actuators, Venture Mfg. offer stepper motor actuators and brushless DC motors.

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