Monday, January 20, 2020

What is the maximum speed of a stepper motor?

What is the maximum speed of a stepper motor?
Modern stepper motors can reach rotation speeds of up to 1500 RPM, taking into consideration that the motor torque curve decreases considerably with the increasing of the step frequency. If a screw of 4 mm is run at 1500 RPM, we obtain a displacement speed of 1500*4mm=6000mm/min or 6 m/min. Therefore, in practice, the stepper motors runs at max 600 RPM because the torque decrease above that values.

What is the maximum speed of a stepper motor?

14hs13-0804s or 17hm08-1204s

Related Questions:
What temperatures are stepper motors able to run at?
Most stepper motors are made with Class B insulation. This allows the stepper motor internal wiring to sustain temperatures of up to 130 degrees Celsius. With an ambient temperature of 40 Celsius, the stepper motor has a temperature rise allowance of 90 Celsius. Stepper motors can run continuously at these temperatures.
What applications would a bipolar stepper motor be used for?
A bipolar stepper motor is best used in a situation that would require high torque at low speeds.

What is the difference between a Unipolar and a Bipolar stepper motor?
The main difference between unipolar and bipolar hybrid stepper motor is the center tap connections. A unipolar motor is wound with six lead wires, each of these having a center tap. These would be used in applications needing high torque with high speed. Whereas a bipolar stepper motor has four lead wires but has no center tap connections. Bipolar stepper motors are used when you require high torque at low speeds.

What applications would a unipolar stepper motor be used for?
A unipolar stepper motor would be best used in an instance where you would require a motor with high speed and high torque.

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