Saturday, November 10, 2018

How do we reduce the resonance level of step motor?

Step motors area unit distinctive among electronic motors in this they move during a series of distinct steps instead of a nonstop motion. this can be a helpful property since it permits steppers to possess point and rate management that's each correct and straightforward and doesn’t even need feedback to keep up . However, one in every of the first disadvantages of this variety of motor comes as a right away results of this distinct nature and open loop management.

How do we reduce the resonance level of step motor?

When a stepper takes one step, it'll overshoot its target destination slightly and can oscillate slightly before subsiding down not off course. this can be due principally to the inertia of the rotating mass in brief overwhelming the field of the motor. This isn’t an enormous deal by itself however once you begin chaining multiple steps along to induce a bigger movement this oscillation happens at every step taken on the manner.

If the frequency that the controller is outputting new step commands to the motor matches the natural frequency of the motor then the oscillations can tend to become additional severe as they propagate through the motor. Eventually they're therefore massive that they're going to overpower the field for long enough on a given step to miss the following step command, and you start missing steps. Since steppers area unit usually run in open loop, the controller has no data of those lost steps; The result's the motor won't get to its destination with success. The impact will become therefore pronounced that the motor loses force utterly and stops rotating. betting on the synchronization of the steps, it will even reverse the direction of rotation.

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