Friday, August 3, 2018

Advantages over servo motors

Closed loop-capable stepper motors merge the benefits of stepper and servo motor technology. They run more quietly and have a lower resonance than stepper motors, provide position feedback and control, feature short settling times, and exhibit no step loss at all. They are an alternative to stepper motors if energy efficiency, smooth running and a high load tolerance are required.Compared to servo motors, they have advantages due to their high torque at low speeds, short settling times, correct positioning without back swing and a lower price for sizes that are often smaller.

Closed loop step motors from Nanotec are an alternative to servo drives in many cases, such as in winding applications or conveyor belt drives. Not only can the rotational speed and position be more precisely controlled, but the torque can be controlled as well (in torque mode, as typically required in winding applications). Closed loop stepper motors combine the benefits of both worlds. They achieve the highest maximum torque, the best efficiency and optimum dynamics, but also feature the lowest torque ripple and exceptionally smooth running.

Advantages over servo motors

In torque mode, the closed loop stepper motor functions analogously to a spring, whereby the spring tension characteristic curve can be set via a potentiometer. Thus, the closed-loop stepping driver a stable force, even when the motor counteracts a force while at a standstill. When the force declines, the motor begins to turn proportionally to the declining force up to the current and torque setpoint values. Thus, closed loop stepper motors prove ideal for any type of winding, stretching and pressing applications.

Advantages over servo motors

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