Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What should know about before buying geared stepper motor

Geared stepper motors are perfect solutions for low speed and high torque positioning applications. Oyostepper provides nema size stepper motors that are paired with planetary gearbox and spur gearbox. Our design incorporates a square bodied motor and around shape planetary stepper motor gearbox into a compact and cost-effective package. Our geared stepper motors are offered in six nema frame sizes (from nema 8 to nema 42) and each size geared stepper motor for sale has an integrated stepper motor gearbox with a wide range of gear ratios (from 1:3.7 to 1:369) so as to deliver any desired torque and speed combinations for your applications. The dual shaft version is available for you to install the brake, shaft coupler or an encoder where you need to keep track of the shaft position. 8-lead motor is aslo available upon request for all possible wiring configurations: bipolar, unipolar, series, or parallel. 
nema 8 geared stepper motor

The geared motor is more effective in reducing the positioning time for a smaller positioning angle and a larger inertial load. For higher speed and better speed control capability, please check out our brushless gear motors. And the nema 8 geared stepper motor is our best selling geared stepper motor. The 36mm diameter planetary stepper motor gearbox has gear ratio from 1:3.7 to 1:369. The gearbox output torque is up to 429 oz-in (3 Nm). A feature of Nippon Pulse’s popular and reliable stepper motors, which we have been manufacturing since 1960, is the ability to add reduction gearheads.  These gearheads have a wide range of ratios, from 1/400 to 6/25. The geared motor tends to achieve shorter positioning time in a wider range of positioning angles with a larger inertial load.
geared stepper motor

In all, there are over 20 different gear ratios to choose from, depending on the motor size. Industries also using Nippon Pulse geared motors include gaming, medical, office automation, and metrology.  Geared options are available on any of our standard rotary stepper motors, which range in size from 20mm to 55mm. The role of a gearhead is closely related to motor development. Originally, when the AC motor was a simple rotating device, the gearhead was mainly used to change the motor speed and as a torque amplifier. With the introduction of motors incorporating speed control functions, the primary role of the gearhead was to amplify torque.
The geared motor reduces positioning time for the following reasons
● Inertial load to the motor shaft can be reduced through the use of gears, thereby ensuring quick acceleration and deceleration starting. 
● Another advantage of the geared motor is its ability to maintain a consistent positioning time regardless of changes in inertial load. The graphs below show changes in the shortest positioning time of the standard type motor and geared motor when each motor is subjected to variations in inertial load. 
While the shortest positioning time of the standard type motor changes significantly with the increase in inertial load, that of the geared motor shows little change. In other words, the geared motor is capable of driving a larger inertial load within the most consistent, shortest positioning time.

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