Saturday, April 28, 2018

The benefits of Closed-Loop Stepper Motor

The closed-loop control of stepper motor can determine the phase transition with the rotor position by using position feedback and (or) speed feedback, which can greatly improve the performance of stepper motor.

The benefits of Closed-Loop Stepper Motor

In the closed-loop control system (including closed loop stepper driver) of the stepper motor, or the tracking and feedback with specific accuracy, we should expand the range of working speed, improve the tracking and positioning accuracy at a given speed, or get the speed limit and accuracy index limit.

A closed-loop step motor system combines the advantages of servo motor and stepper motor technologies. Functionally, a closed-loop stepper motor system will run much more smoothly and with less resistance than a standard stepper motor setup. Since a closed-loop system provides feedback and control as well as short transient and free oscillation times, the closed-loop system will not lose or gain steps.

A closed-loop stepper motor system, such as the 34HS38-4204D-E1000, may be the best option when the application requires improved energy efficiency and smoothness of operation, especially at high loads. In addition, a closed-loop system has the advantage over servo motor systems of higher torque at low RPMs. Additional benefits include short transient times, less packaging, accurate/correct positioning using feedback from encoders integrated into the motor(s) to the controller, and comparatively low prices.

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